Chemical name of titin pdf

Chemical name of titin pdf
25/02/2011 · Best Answer: In short, the reason why it has such a long chemical name is because it is a very big and very complex molecule. Every bit of it has to be named and all the bits attached to the main structure have to be named as well in the full systamatic chemical name.
An exceptionally long chemical name. Any citations that aren’t mentions? Equinox 19:39, 9 October 2011 (UTC) I would suggest that, if it is the case (which I suspect) that any protein of any length can be described by the string of chemicals found within it, we treat this as SOP.
ANSWER: Titin is the largest known protein. Containing 189,819 letters, the full chemical name of Titin is considered the longest word in the English dictionary. However, som…e dispute if it is
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The brand name of a product is commonly used to indicate the primary chemical ingredient(s) in the product (e.g., Tylenol, a common pain killer, is often used for acetaminophen, its active ingredient). Another example of common synonyms is record identifiers used in different data collections, such as Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) registry numbers, FDA UNII (Unique Ingredient Identifiers
Titin is the short name for an extremely massive protein molecule. The full-length scientific name of this protein molecule contains 189,819 characters and is considered (by some) as the longest word in not just English, but any language.
TITIN WAS FIRST described in 1977 and given the name connectin. 1 This giant, filamentous protein found in striated muscle was not demonstrated earlier because its size made it inaccessible to most techniques employed for protein identification. Titin is the largest molecule so far identified in the human body and has a molecular weight of about 3000 kd. Although abundant, it constitutes only

Chemical Name of Titin–The Longest Word This is the complete chemical name of titin—the largest known protein. The length of the entire word is
Fluorescently labeled titin molecules have recently been studied under various conditions: equilibration to a surface (21–23), stretching with meniscus force (22, 23) and direct manipulation , and chemical denaturation (25, 26).
The full chemical name of Titin has 189,819 letters. Titin, also known as connectin, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TTN gene. Titin, also known as connectin, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TTN gene.

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Also, titin’s official chemical name is a contender for the world’s longest word with over 180,000 letters and taking three hours to say (although many linguists disqualify it, saying that chemical names …
The complete sequence of the giant muscle protein titin has been determined. It provides further insight into how titin may act both as a scaffold and a spring to specify and maintain muscle structure.
15/05/2011 · Physical and chemical bonding in muscle protein affects structural and texture muscle protein. There is a correlation between protein structure and solubility, and is related to tenderness or hardness of meat during processing and storage (Zayas, 1997).
Titin / ˈ t aɪ t ɪ n /, also known as connectin, is a protein that, in humans, is encoded by the TTN gene. Titin is a giant protein, greater than 1 µm in length, that functions as a molecular spring which is responsible for the passive elasticity of muscle.

20/06/2010 · However, professional dictionary writers regard generic names of chemical compounds as verbal formulae rather than English words. The protein’s chemical formula is C132,983 H211,861 N36,149 O40,883 S693.
The full chemical name for a protein called Titin has 189, 819 letters and takes about 3.5 hours to pronounce. It is regarded as the longest known word It is regarded as the longest known word Contact
Key component in the assembly and functioning of vertebrate striated muscles. By providing connections at the level of individual microfilaments, it contributes to the fine balance of forces between the two halves of the sarcomere.

Titin therefore provides much stability at long muscle lengths and helps protect the sarcomeres from damage. Furthermore, titin acts as a spring, so it’s not just the tendons that provide “springiness” or “elasticity”; it’s also the muscle fascia and especially the titin within the sarcomeres.
28/04/2014 · Man Pronounces the IUPAC Chemical Name for Titin It’s a little under two years old, but here is a man taking the time to name the chemical titin, lasting at 189,819 letters. I suggest using this as an alarm clock or for a little ambience.
Titin. Titin (connectin) is an extremely long elastic protein, which runs parallel to the filament array and links the ends of the thick filaments to the Z disc, maintaining their ends in …
Temperature and Chemical Denaturant Dependence of Forced Unfolding of Titin I27 Eric Botello,† Nolan C. Harris,† Jacob Sargent,† Wei-Hung Chen,† Kuan-Jiuh Lin,‡ and
The full name of the largest known protein, titin, is 189,819 letters long, the longest IUPAC chemical name and often suggested as the longest English word (it is not, as it is a chemical formula).
Titin is the largest known protein. TTN is the gene’s official symbol. This protein plays an important role in muscles the body uses for movement (skeletal muscles) and in heart (cardiac) muscle. One of the main job of this protein is to provide flexibility, structure and stability to Sarcomeres’s cell structures.
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Titin is the largest known protein with a length of 34,350 amino acids. Regular proteins are relatively big molecules, and titin happens to be the largest with a chemical form … ula of C 132983 H 211861 N 36149 O 40883 S 693 n.
English Etymology. From the chemicals which constitute the protein. In order of first appearance, methionyl (which appears 337 times, including as the first component)

Titin is a major human disease gene PubMed Central (PMC)

Roles of the Cytoskeletal Desmin, Titin and Nebulin Introduction Myofibrils are the contractile elements and primary cytoskeletal structures in skeletal muscle cells [see Goll et al.
The name of a chemical compound that shows the names of each of its elements or subcompounds. For example, the chemical name of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid. For example, the chemical name of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid.
Titin is the largest known polypeptide (3.5 MDa) and the third most abundant protein present in vertebrate striated muscle after myosin and actin (Tskhovrebova and Trinick 2003).
The first convincing evidence for a role of titin beyond its passive force contribution came when it was shown that titin binds calcium upon muscle activation and that this increases titin’s stiffness, and thus its force when muscles are stretched (Labeit et al., 2003).
The resistivity of multilayered Ti/TiN films grown by chemical vapor deposition can be reduced from 240 μΩ cm (standard sample) to 120 μΩ cm with NH3 plasma post-treatment for 300 s.
2 Converting Chemical Names to Structures with Name=Struct General nomenclature issues In general, Name=Struct is designed to be as smart as a real chemist—if a

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The chemical name is a precise and standardized description of a molecule. If the molecule is very complicated, then the chemical name will be very complicated (i.e., long), too. That’s just how the chemical naming system works. If the chemical name isn’t practical, then another name will be coined for it in practical use.
14/09/2011 · The full chemical name tells you exactly what the chemical is made of and the structure of it. For example, glucose has two different chemical structures, but they are treated differently in the human body (and in animal bodies).
“[Full chemical name for titin], [full chemical name for titin], parting is such sorrow, that I shall say [full chemical name for titin] till it be morrow.” Of course, one could speak it slowly for “easier understanding” and repeating this until collapse.
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The hypothesis that N2A titin is the site of titin–thin filament binding is based on studies in the mdm mouse model, which is characterized by a deletion in the N2A region of titin (Garvey et al., 2002).
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28/08/2014 · Why does the full chemical name of Titin not name its individual elements? What is the full chemical name for titin? Answer Questions. Does anyone know how to rephrase this statement or make a similar one without using the same words? What would be a good wedding hashtag for the last name of Steele, that isn’t too common and a bit nerdy as we are getting married on May 4th? Whats …
profilesshowedthat, surprisingly, titin andtheproteininband 3 together account for 15-22% of total myofibrillar proteins based on absorbance at 280 nm, and 10-15% based on Lowry
Yeah, this name thing is a little bit silly. The only reason titin has a giant IUPAC name is because it’s one of the biggest proteins on record. The only reason titin has a giant IUPAC name is because it’s one of the biggest proteins on record.
Sarah vs Poland . Titin is the largest protein yet discovered. Its full chemical name is 189,819 letters long and, depending on how you define a “word” is …

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10/04/2010 · Titin is the largest protein yet discovered. It’s full chemical name is 189,819 letters long and, depending on how you define a “word” is the longest word in the English language.
26/02/2013 · Introduction. Titin is a giant multi-functional sarcomeric filament that provides passive stiffness to cardiac myocytes. At its N-terminus, titin is embedded in the Z-disk of the sarcomere.
Titin / ˈ t aɪ t ɪ n /, juga dikenal sebagai konektin, adalah suatu protein yang pada manusia, dikodekan oleh gen TTN. [2] [3] Titin adalah sebuah protein raksasa, panjangnya lebih dari 1 µm , [4] fungsinya yaitu sebagai mata air molekuler yang bertanggung jawab atas elastisitas pasif otot .
28/08/2014 · Has no one ever written down the full length of that word over internet? I heard it nearly has 190000 letters in it. I heard it nearly has 190000 letters in it. ⌂ Home
The chemical name of a molecule is the description of its composition, in accordance with international standards. For proteins this is usually taken as naming each individual amino acid in turn, e.g. methionyl-threonyl etc etc.
I put the so called ‘titin’ on word, went to review, and checked the word count. It turns out the word Joel put on is actually 97,850 letters long compared to the 189,819 letters of the actually chemical name.

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The names have persisted, despite >20 years of disputes about the filamin and titin nomenclatures. In 1975, Thomas Stossel and John Hartwig were the first to isolate ‘filamin’, naming it ‘actin binding protein’ (ABP) [1]. I found ‘titin’in 1977, calling it ‘connectin’. Of course, this experience is by no means unique. For example, Victor Small and Appolinary Sobieszek (data
Abstract. Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is characterised by a high incidence of metabolic comorbidities that share the potential to induce both systemic and coronary microvascular inflammation and oxidative stress.
The nanomechanics of sarcomeric proteins is a key contributor to the mechanical output of muscle. Among them, titin emerges as a main target for the regulation of the stiffness of striated muscle.
There’s debate over whether this is a real word or just a long string of chemical names – yes it’s possible to read the chemical name out this way but you never would in the real world.
Titin antibodies occurred more frequently in MGT, especially in MG with epithelial predominant–thymoma, and were correlated with the severity of disease. The levels of titin antibodies were reduced 6 months after thymectomy. The specificity of titin antibodies for the detection of thymoma was higher than that of CT examination in MG with thymoma. These results suggest that titin …

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titin comprises distinct elastic segments that allow titin to behave as a molecular spring, contributing to the passive tension of myofibrils and maintaining the structural and functional stability of the sarcomere. Titin is an important determinant of both systolic and diastolic function and the Frank-Starling mechanism of the heart.24 Although loss and/or disorganization of titin in ischemic
PDF Titin, a sarcomeric protein expressed primarily in striated muscles, is responsible for maintaining the structure and biomechanical properties of muscle cells. Cardiac titin undergoes
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PDF; Abstract. Titin, a giant filamentous polypeptide, is believed to play a fundamental role in maintaining sarcomeric structural integrity and developing what is known as passive force in muscle. Measurements of the force required to stretch a single molecule revealed that titin behaves as a highly nonlinear entropic spring. The molecule unfolds in a high-force transition beginning at 20 to
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Titin (TTN), also known as connectin, is encoded by the gene mapped to human chromosome 2q31.2. TTN is a giant elastic protein expressed in striated and smooth muscles of vertebrates. The encoded protein contains up to 300 immunoglobulin-like and fibronectin type-3-like (FN3) domains.
26/11/2018 · In order to measure the pattern of force-dependent stretching of TR, we designed a DNA construct encoding for I27 2 -T R -I27 2 [TR flanked by two molecules of the I27 (27th immunoglobular domain of human cardiac titin), which has well-characterized mechanical properties.]
The TTN gene provides instructions for making a very large protein called titin. This protein plays an important role in muscles the body uses for movement (skeletal muscles) and in heart (cardiac) muscle. Slightly different versions (called isoforms) of titin are made in different muscles. Within

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